Month3 Test

August 2009








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Pinch & A PunchView Pinch & A Punch

Pinch and a Punch — it [was] the first day of the month! And my way of getting you is by you reading this… so Ha! I got you!

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test 3View test 3

and another event

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James' 18th BirthdayView James' 18th Birthday

For 18 years of my life, I have been waiting for this day :D

Another event!View Another event!

Nothing special here… honest

Phil's TestView Phil's Test

and a thrird one?

Fourth event on this dayView Fourth event on this day

And it doesn't appear on the calendar, because it doesn't fit within the square… should it (can it) be fixed to show all events on a given day?

And a fifth event!View And a fifth event!

The more events you add, the more a row stretches in the calendar.

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test 1View test 1

one more just for a giggle

just some text to see what happens

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