BBBN _template

Hi James.

is this used for just your layout out, or does it so something else.
The reason i ask is…

I have been fiddling.:-)
as it seems (surprisingly ) that 2010-01-10 format will list in the correct way, i thought i adjust your code (copied it to cat Test) from 2010:01:10 to 2010-01-10

this then puts the date in that formate as the page title, and as far as i can tell works… well nearly. i seeming to be missing something.

is it the template stuff, or has it got something to do with "days" ?

come back good buddy.
red legs

Reply: G'day Phil,

There was no particular reason for the colons. We'll change to your hyphens instead… Now the Think Tank is in action!

Well done on the finding!

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